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At Diamond Drilling UK Ltd, we specialise in diamond core drilling, but we also offer our expertise with a range of related services. Today we’re going to focus on our concrete scabbling services, so read on to find out more about this mechanical process. 
Traditionally, scabbling (also known as scappling) has been used to reduce stone or concrete, referring to the shaping of a stone into a rough square using an axe or hammer. Interestingly, in the field of mansory in Kent, ‘rag-stone’ masons working with a hard limestone of a bluish-grey colour would call this process ‘knobbling’. Historically, this process has also been used to shape grindstones, which are used for grinding ferrous tools. 
Contemporary Scabbling 
In modern times, we still use scabbling in the construction industry, though we have innovated the process over time. Machines powered by compressed air are used to remove a thin layer of concrete from the chosen structure. Typically, these machines use several different heads that consist of carbide or steel tips that gradually peck at the concrete surface. The operation uses these tipped rods to pound into the surface of the concrete at rapid succession. Usually, several passes through the machine will be required to achieve the desired depth. 
Scabbling at Diamond Drilling UK 
The machines we use may be known as either scabblers, planers, groovers or scarifiers, and they are the most trusted method of preparing surfaces within the contemporary construction industry. These pneumatic devices can also make use of rotary devices that ‘flail’ the surface. This particular action is possible at Diamond Drilling UK by attaching multi-point circular cutters across a cylindrical drum. This type of feature may be used on both walls or floors in order to decrease the amount of concrete or screeds, or erase any stubborn deposits that may be seen in industrial and commercial environments. They hammer and scratch the surface in order to do this. 
Why Use Scabbling? 
There are many reasons why you may want to use the scabbling process for your construction project. Some purposes include removing unwanted coatings or road markings, getting rid of surface contamination in the nuclear industry, adding decorative or textured patterns to concrete, or preparing a surface for further work such as an installation of grout, or prior to painting and coating. Additionally, it’s possible to use this process to roughen, texture and grove a surface. This may be desired in order to create a slip-resistant surface, or it could even help to remove deposits on a surface, for example, in cold stores. 
Contact Us 
If you’re looking for a scabbling company, look no further than Diamond Drilling UK Ltd. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our scabbling service or any other services. Simply complete our contact form, or email us at Based in both London and East Sussex, you will find all our contact information on our website contact page. We look forward to hearing from you about your project. 
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