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At Diamond Drilling UK, we offer a range of services, with our speciality being diamond core drilling. Based in St. Leonards in East Sussex, we offer our diamond core drilling services within London and surrounding area. Today we’re going to outline what diamond core drilling entails and go through some of its applications and advantages. 
What is Diamond Core Drilling? 
The basic principle behind diamond core drilling is to drill a smooth hole through the desired material, offering the highest level of precision. Like a hole saw, the core drill used is designed to remove a cylinder of material, whether that’s reinforced concrete, brickwork, or another type of stone. The material that remains inside the drill after removal is referred to as the core. They are usually water cooled and use either electric or hydraulic powered drilling rigs. 
What Applications is it For? 
Diamond core drilling is best suited for applications where either the core needs to be preserved, or when it is necessary to drill very rapidly, covering a wide area. They are used in the construction industry for creating holes in walls and floors, especially for plumbing and electrical purposes. Holes created typically measure between 12mm and 550mm in diameter, so there’s a huge scope of sizes that are sure to suit your requirements. 
No Dust 
The main benefit of using diamond core drilling for your construction project is that it is completely dust free. Furthermore, there will be little debris due to the accuracy of the cutting. The end result means that you get a superior standard, as well as saving time and money as there will be less need for cleaning and disposal of dust and debris. 
Reduced Risk 
Another advantage of diamond core drilling is that there is no vibration when creating the hole. This is because the diamond-tip of the drill ensures a positioning that is highly accurate. Further to this, the lack of vibrations means there is less of a risk of structural damage when in use. 
At Diamond Drilling UK we use superior quality drills that is portable and lightweight, making our drills ideal for use in any area, even when movement is restricted in confined and awkward spaces. When carrying out diamond core drilling, we are able to control the water to cool the drill bit, which helps the machinery function better, and prolongs its life. Dry core drilling is also an option if required, which would normally be for use with general housing materials, including soft stone, sandstone, brick and block. For each individual application, we are happy to review the options, to see whether the job requires rotary action, percussive action, horizontal, or vertical drilling. 
Contact Us 
For more information and advice, or to obtain a quote from us at Diamond Drilling UK, please complete the contact form on our website, or email us at Alternatively, to speak to a member of our team directly, you can call us on the numbers provided online, depending on whether your company is located inside or outside of London. We will be pleased to assist you with your project enquiries. 
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