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Concrete is possible the most versatile building material ever created, combining outstanding strength and durability with a highly mouldable consistency. Since ancient times, civilizations around the world have used various types of concrete to line wells, stabilize foundations, and create structures which could not have been built any other way. 
In more recent times, many additional techniques have been developed to make construction using concrete easier and more efficient. Foremost among these has been diamond drilling and cutting. 
Concrete can be moulded into almost any shape or form, and has even occasionally been used to create decorative architecture. Nevertheless, on-site concrete casting is often not as consistent or efficient as the ‘factory’ approach of having concrete components formed at a plant and transported to the site. This method saves time and money, however as is so often the case with mass produced items it has led to the industry dealing in standardized components – in this case, concrete blocks and slabs which are of uniform dimensions, rather than being moulded for a specific application. As a result, these components must often be modified to suit their specific purpose. 
This is where diamond chasing and drilling comes in. Using high speed tools fitted with diamond tipped blades and drill bits, diamond chasing companies like Diamond Drilling UK cut holes, slots and channels into concrete slabs for a variety of purposes. 
Diamond tipped drills are the best way to shape concrete to the required dimensions. Diamond is the hardest substance available, and makes light work of cutting doorways and other openings in concrete slabs. The high speed drills we use mean there are no vibrations to weaken the structure. 
Wall chasing services specifically refers to the process of cutting a channel into the surface of the concrete without penetrating all the way through. The depth, width and length of the channel are all cut to accurate sizes, with a smooth professional finish to all surfaces. Diamond chasing services are performed by using two diamond tipped circular saw blades which are a set distance apart. These cut along the outer edges of the channel, after which the material in the centre is removed. The concrete chasing services rig on which the blades are mounted is adjustable for width and depth. With years of experience and the latest equipment, Diamond Drilling UK can perform all the concrete chasing UK builders and property developers need for their latest projects. 
Chases can be cut into horizontal concrete surfaces to provide drainage channels, or vertical surfaces for the installation of pipes and electrical conduits. The high quality finish of modern construction projects is largely due to innovations such as these. We also offer core drilling, track and wire sawing, scabbling, structural openings with temporary support, and consultancy services such as risk assessments. 
Don’t accept anything less than the best for your construction project. Diamond Drilling UK offer the high quality concrete chasing services UK construction professionals rely on. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. 
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