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Concrete is a fascinating material which has been used in construction since Roman times. It is the most common artificial material in the world, and one of the most durable. What are some of the ways concrete has advanced building technology, and how are companies like Diamond Drilling UK helping the construction industry get the best out of this material? 
One of the foremost advantages of concrete is that it can be moulded to form complex shapes. It is no longer thought of as an ugly and featureless material thanks to the carefully crafted concrete features which adorn many modern buildings. These days, building components are prefabricated in concrete and then assembled on site to create forms which are as aesthetically elegant as they are structurally sound. The ability to hold almost any form is also an advantage of concrete on a functional level. Prefabrication allows features like integrated guttering to be built into the structure at component level. 
Concrete is also an eminently workable material after it has set. Companies like Diamond Drilling UK offer concrete cutting and chasing services UK wide. Using high speed diamond tipped tools, it is possible to cut holes and channels in set concrete with surgical precision. Diamond drilling forms a smooth, dust free hole with virtually no vibration. This means a clean, safe cutting procedure which will not affect the integrity of the surrounding material. It also means that facilities such as pipes and wires which may be attached to or embedded in the surrounding concrete will not be disturbed or damaged – it’s easy to see why concrete chasing services are in high demand in the booming construction industry! 
Concrete chasing, specifically, is the process of cutting channels, or ‘chases’, into the surface of s slab of concrete. This allows pipework, wiring or other services to be embedded in walls rather than being attached to the surface, creating an eyesore. A concrete chaser is a device with two diamond tipped sawblades, which make parallel cuts in the wall surface to create a chase. The blades spin so fast than practically no dust is created, and any debris that is created is taken care of by water damping. Diamond Drilling UK are the leading concrete chasing services team for the London area. 
Other services offered by Diamond Drilling UK include: 
Diamond core drilling can create smooth, accurate holes of 12mm to 550mm in diameter in the toughest materials, including concrete and marble. These high speed drills create hardly any noise, and water is run through the driving shaft to ensure that the workspace remains free of dust. 
Track, floor and wire sawing. Three different wire sawing processes which can be used for a wide variety of applications. Using one or more of these techniques it is possible to create almost any shape and size of hope, edge or opening in set concrete. 
To book these or any of the other services we offer, please get in touch with us today. 
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