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So, what is Chasing exactly? 
Not just a pretty stone, diamond is actually the hardest naturally occurring material in the world which means it is incredibly powerful and useful in engineering. Diamond drills are very sharp and accurate tools, creating clean, accurate holes with diameters of between 8mm to more than 1500mm. A diamond drill which uses a rotary drill with a diamond drill attached is used to create precisely measured holes. It’s sheer strength and power allows it to effectively cut through a range of materials including concrete, metal and glass. Chasing is the act of using these saws to cut into concrete, block walls or floors whilst the channels that are created in this process being known as, ‘chases.’ 
This is very fascinating, but how does it help me? 
Diamond Chasing is an incredibly useful method of drilling for electrical and mechanical engineers. No one likes seeing loose wires and cables trailing on the floor waiting to trip someone up. It makes us all uneasy, doesn’t it? Well, diamond chasing is a clever solution to this. The channels are safe and secure spaces in which wires, cables and drainpipes can be stored inside of walls to keep them out of human sight and mind. Storing them inside of the walls or floors of the building means that these installations are done to quite literally form part of the building’s existing plumbing or electrical systems. There is also the option to form the installation independently of the building’s plumbing or electrical systems depending on the needs and requirements of the engineering project. 
I’m still not sure about the sound of that… 
Well, because of the sheer precision of diamond drills they can create these channels without any damage to the walls or foundations of a building. This means your home or building project will be in safe hands when under the process of diamond drilling. The process is designed to work around the construction of the building, rather than to make noticeable alterations to it. It’s a discreet but incredibly beneficial alteration to make, with many benefits that you’re certain to be satisfied with. 
Although you may be doubtful, incredibly, diamond chasing isn’t even a messy job. Because such little vibration comes from the drill, the process is almost entirely dust-free. This means a quick as well as effective process. And because there is no cleaning up to do, there are no hidden payments in the charge of the service. Every penny you pay goes only towards getting the professional and highly-skilled service that you require. 
Got it. So, how do I go about getting this service? 
Contact Diamond Drilling UK for more information and to put in a request for a diamond chasing service today. Each different diamond chasing job is treated as an individual project to ensure that the task is tailored to the exact needs of the client. So whatever project it is that you want assistance with, you can be sure that Diamond Drilling UK will be the ones to get it right. 
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