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At Diamond Drilling UK Ltd, we specialise in diamond drilling, which we have many years of experience doing. Additionally, we have a wide range of related services, which we provide to businesses in London. In this area of the country, there is particularly a growing need for core drilling and diamond drilling techniques. Today we’re going to cover our key services available to our London customers. 
Diamond Core Drilling 
At the core of our business is diamond core drilling, where the most precise holes can be made through hard materials such as reinforced concrete, brickwork, and various types of stone. The result is a smooth and accurate finish, with no dust and little debris. There are endless advantages to using this type of technology, being lightweight and thus easy to transport, capable of crafting holes in the tightest of spots, and greatly decreasing the chances of any structural damage of buildings. 
Chasing refers to cutting channels into concrete or block walls or floors using diamond saws. This technology is ideal for when installing any wires of drainpipes in the building structure. The machine we use to create these ‘chases’ is twin-bladed and can cut them up to 35mm deep and 45mm wide. We are also able to cut wider chases, for example when it’s necessary to fit double or triple conduits. 
Diamond Sawing 
Our sawing systems include wall sawing, floor sawing, and wire sawing. With wall sawing (also known as track sawing), we use a track-mounted system that bolts to the wall to make spaces for features such as doorways and windows. For floor sawing, openings are made for both outdoor areas like motorways and bridges, and indoors for openings like ventilation ducts and lift shafts. Lastly, wire sawing uses a metal wire or cable that is diamond beaded, where the wire is fed through pulleys before being tensioned and rotated to pull through the material being cut. Additionally, these processes are used for both cutting openings and structural openings. 
Powered by compressed air, scabblers remove thin layers of concrete from a structure using several heads that have either carbide or steel tips that peck at the concrete. It is used as a way of preparing a surface, for example for painting and coating. 
As well as the vast range of services that we provide, we are also able to provide you with documentation for the role of our members of staff. This includes standard health and safety documentation and more detailed method statements and risks assessments. You can rest assured that all our staff are also registered under the CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme), and in the wider scheme of things, the company itself is registered with CHAS (the Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme). 
Temporary Support 
Finally, we consider the importance of providing temporary support. When in the middle of a building construction, the temporary support keeps the building held up whilst more permanent structures are built. This helps to prevent hazards, providing the proper support needed to keep everything intact whilst creating openings and carrying out our diamond drilling services. 
Contact Us 
For more information about our various services in London at Diamond Drilling UK, please complete our contact form, or email us at On our contact page, you will also find further details of our offices in both East Sussex and London. A member of our dedicated team will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have. 
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