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Concrete cutting can be a dangerous business. Here at Diamond Drilling UK Ltd, we aim to provide the best diamond drilling in London, along with other services such as floor sawing and wire sawing. That means that we have a sound understanding of the problems that concrete cutting can pose. 
While diamond drilling is generally a very safe process there are still certain safety measures that should be followed while cutting concrete. That’s why you should find a drilling company that has health and safety in mind. Here are five considerations that any company should have to help keep their operations safe. 
Safety wear 
When looking for someone to provide concrete cutting, you need to find workers who wear the right equipment. Proper safety clothing such as goggles, gloves, and nose covers should always be worn in the working area while drilling is ongoing. This will prevent your contractors being affected by issues such as dust inhalation and noise, and help them work for you effectively in the knowledge that they are protected. 
Any drilling company worth its salt will make sure that all machinery, tools and equipment are well-maintained and in good condition. This will help to avoid possible injuries brought about by malfunctions and ensure that workers and customers in the vicinity will remain safe. Companies can also do this by regularly updating their machinery with the latest model. 
Reputable licence 
You should make sure that your company is fully licensed to operate, or registered with an appropriate body. This is a mark of the company’s quality as it demonstrates that they meet the necessary skill requirements for their industry. Here at Diamond Drilling UK, our company is registered with CHAS (the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) while all our staff are registered under the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme. 
Concrete cutting companies should all have insurance for their workers. No matter how careful a company may be while they are doing a cutting or drilling job for you, sometimes accidents can still happen. In situations like these, insurance will prove invaluable if someone is accidentally injured or if property gets damaged. 
Alert workers 
Where possible, you should look to choose a concrete cutting company that encourages its workers to think for themselves regarding health and safety. Before we carry out any contract, each of our operatives will complete a work sheet with a Method Statement and Risk Assessment attached, making it easy for them to consider the risks of the work and enable you to understand what is taking place. 
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We are proud to say that here at Diamond Drilling UK Ltd we have all five of these qualities, making us the best choice to offer excellent diamond drilling to London and the surrounding area, along with other concrete cutting services. If you would like to find out more about our health and safety procedures, please don’t hesitate to visit our Health and Safety page, or get in touch with us today.  
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