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There are times in ground working and construction when precision floor sawing is the only practical way to do a job. At Diamond Drilling UK, we can assist with everything from large infrastructure projects requiring the most precise cutting, to smaller domestic builds where 
perfectly measured expansion gaps need to be cut with accuracy. 
On site you could take a risk and do this by hand, but the time, effort and chances of it going wrong just aren’t worth it. Trusting the experts to do the job is the only practical solution. 
At Diamond Drilling UK we’re experts in floor sawing, cutting through anything from reinforced concrete to asphalt and tarmac. If you need a straight, accurate cut to a depth of up to 400mm, we’re able to assist. Our mobile saw is low-emission, diesel powered and self- propelled. The diamond-tipped blade works in conjunction with water jets, which allows us to control the slurry. This makes the processing, treating and disposal of the waste much easier. 
What kind of jobs would be ideal for floor sawing? 
We work across a wide range of commercial and domestic jobs, including: 
Expansion gaps 
Cutting expansion gaps into concrete is a big part of our work. We can cut the gaps to a number of depths and any length, allowing the base to expand and contract easily. Our diamond-tipped saw allows us to even cut through reinforced concrete easily, so there’s no lost time when we come up against different materials.  
The precision and speed with which we can do this makes us a preferred choice for many contractors. 
Road repairs 
Similarly, the precision of the cut makes fixing damaged roads a much easier process. We can quickly and easily cut around the damaged section of road. 
Cutting and breaking out 
The floor saw is the go-to tool for cutting out lengths of concrete. We use it to help reshape car parks, concrete slabs and concrete overspill easily. By using our floor sawing technology we can provide very neat, straight edges and assist in the breaking out and removal of concrete and tarmac. 
Cutting channels 
We can cut long channels through a variety of surfaces up to a depth of 400mm. That allows us to create a perfect shape and sized area for the introduction of all kinds of subfloor material such as wires, piping and drainage. 
Use us to save a bigger expense 
By bringing Diamond Drilling UK in, we can potentially save you larger bills later down the line. 
If you need to change the shape of concrete areas, need to add fresh drainage into an area or need to cut an expansion gap, speak to us first. We can save you the time, effort and expense of removing and re-laying an area of concrete. 
The needs of a building and surrounding areas can change over time. Before you question whether or not you need to go to the expense of removing and replacing an area of hard flooring, see if we can help. Call us on 01424 720259 or email
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