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Throughout the pandemic, health and safety has come firmly into focus. Although construction has been largely unaffected during the lockdown in the sense it has been allowed to continue, there has been an introduction of rules and best practices for construction sites with the aim of keeping the workforce safe. 
At Diamond Drilling UK we’re committed to doing our bit in the fight against the pandemic, so here’s our approach and suggestions for keeping operatives COVID-safe whilst on site. 
Maintain cleanliness 
This is somewhat of an obvious point, but one that is easy to forget. Maintaining cleanliness means ensuring surfaces are wiped down before and after work has gone on there. If you’re working on a job that might require multiple people touching the same area, always make sure you have cleaned down thoroughly with an appropriate cleaner after use. 
Reduce sharing of tools 
It’s known that COVID can stay alive for up to five days on various surfaces, so keep sharing of tools to a minimum and if possible, ban it altogether for the short term. The risk of transmission is particularly high through contact, so try to only use your own tools. If you must share tools, thoroughly clean them before and after use to be on the safe side. Importantly, NEVER share any kind of PPE, even with relatives. 
Carry alcohol gel 
One of the simplest ways to help prevent the spread of COVID through contact is to make sure every person working on site carries a small bottle of alcohol gel and uses it frequently. This simple step can help to kill not just coronavirus, but any other bugs that may be present 
on the hands of workers. 
Stay in ventilated areas 
Ideally, every single worker on site will be adhering to the two metre social distancing guidelines, but in times where that isn’t possible you should strive to ensure excellent ventilation in an area. Even if that means workers are potentially cold, ventilation is vital to help prevent the spread of airborne diseases. Workers can always wrap up against the cold! 
Don’t over-staff sites 
A well-run site won’t have too many workers in, standing around. That’s even more important during the pandemic – as a site manager or foreman it’s important that you schedule the work correctly, so you only have the people you need on site at any one time. The higher the 
number of people, the higher the risk of transmission. 
How Diamond Drilling UK operate safely 
At Diamond Drilling UK we make sure our staff are well aware of COVID best practices, so they will be respectful of site rules and will do their utmost to prevent any rules and regulations breaches. 
We won’t send any staff members with possible symptoms to a site, so you can be assured that when you hire us you aren’t putting yourself, your site and your staff at risk. 
If you’ve got any questions about how we’re keeping our operates COVD-safe on site, or would like to discuss a potential project, get in touch on 01424 720259 or email
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