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In construction there are certain times when you can’t do a job without a specialist tool or operative. Whether that’s because of time, space or expertise constraints, sometimes you just have to bring in the experts. Diamond drilling is one of those times – occasionally you’ll need a hole through thick, reinforced concrete and standard tools simply aren’t up to the task. 
Diamond Drilling UK is a leading specialist in diamond drilling around the London and South East area. Here are a few examples of the sort of tricky situations where only a professional diamond driller can do the job… 
You need a perfectly smooth and accurate hole 
The beauty of diamond drilling is the clean and accurate cut that can be achieved through a wide range of different materials. Whether you need to cut a hole for pipework, ducting or any other reason, a professional diamond driller will be able to produce a smooth and accurate hole. 
Diamond drilling can be done between 12mm and 550mm using either electric or hydraulic powered drilling rigs. We can cut through reinforced concrete, brickwork, stone and the like. 
Dust and debris have to be kept to a minimum 
There are certain buildings where dust and debris have to be kept to an absolute minimum, such as historic, highly decorated buildings, so you need to have a practical solution in place for this. Using our core drilling technique we produce no dust from our cutting. We can also control the amount of debris and waste by using an additional water supply. This isn’t achievable when using a standard core drill and can result in a messy, dusty job. 
When you need a large hole drilled 
At Diamond Drilling UK we can drill a hole up to 550mm, which far exceeds the standard core drill bit size of 152mm (162mm in some cases). If you’re working on large scale infrastructure projects or need a hole any larger than the standard size, then you’ll need to turn to a professional diamond driller. 
Diamond drilling professionals will also be able to drill deeper holes, not just wider holes. 
Vibration and disruption have to be controlled 
When working in an area where vibration has to be kept to a minimum, you have to bring in a professional diamond driller. This could include old buildings, or buildings such as laboratories where there is highly-sensitive equipment set up. What’s more, our equipment can even be used in tight spaces. 
By working with specialist tools you can avoid disruption to the room or building and still achieve the result you require. 
Using professionals to do a professional job 
When you need the most precise, accurate holes cut into materials that a normal drill just can’t cope with, you need a diamond driller. We can cut through almost anything and produce a hole from 12mm to 550mm, without dust and debris. We can work quickly and effectively in a huge range of environments. 
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