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When it comes to drilling through hard construction materials such as concrete or stone, diamond core drilling is hard to beat. The qualities of this type of drilling make it enormously practical, particularly for making openings for utility installations such as electrical and plumbing fitting. Here at Diamond Drilling UK, we aim to provide the best diamond drilling in London and the South East. 
When performed efficiently, diamond drilling has many advantages over other forms of drilling. While we have explained a few of the advantages elsewhere on our site, it is worth going into more detail. Without further ado, here’s a list of the advantages of diamond drilling: 
Faster and more efficient 
Due to the strength of diamond core drills, diamond drilling is a fast and efficient technique of drilling through concrete, asphalt, stone or any other construction material. This makes it ideal for particularly challenging jobs, such as drilling through reinforced concrete accurately. The depth and accuracy that diamond drilling can achieve is the main reason it is used to prepare walls and floors for utility purposes, such as electrics, plumbing and HVAC fitting. 
Low vibration 
Diamond drilling is a technique that produces very little vibration during the operation of the drill. As it emits no vibration to the area close to the structure being drilled, it simultaneously reduces the risk of structural damage to the surface and the safety risk for the person operating the drill. This makes diamond drilling a safer form of drilling than other more destructive styles. 
Low noise 
As you will know from passing workers drilling in the street – many of them wearing ear defenders – some drilling methods can be very harsh on the ears, both for the operator and those who have commissioned the work. Handily, diamond drilling produces very little noise at all, saving you from noise pollution and ear damage. 
Minimal mess 
Due to the accuracy of the drilling bit in diamond drilling, diamond drilling causes minimal spalling i.e. breakage of the construction material into smaller pieces. This helps create clean openings in your wall or floor that do not need reinstatement work afterwards, meaning less time wasted on clean-up and enabling us to move straight on to the next task. 
Lightweight and portable 
The size of much drilling equipment can make it unwieldy, difficult to transport or unsuitable in smaller spaces. Diamond drilling equipment does not have this problem; as it is lightweight and portable it is ideal for use in confined spaces such as small rooms within a house. It can also easily be carried over to the next job, making it simple to work with. 
Contact us! 
With so many advantages to diamond drilling, here at Diamond Drilling UK Ltd, we are proud to offer diamond drilling to London and the surrounding area. If you would like to find out more about our diamond drilling or any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’d be delighted to speak with you to discuss your individual requirements. 
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