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One of the most sought-after techniques in the construction industry these days is diamond wire sawing. Diamond wire sawing, characterised by the use of a metal wire covered with diamond beads, which is then wrapped around a structure, fed through pulleys and pulled through the structure, is for many industries. That’s why here at Diamond Drilling UK we specialise in providing diamond wire sawing for our customers. 
Diamond wire sawing is an excellent technique for many industries including the construction industry. But what makes this technique so useful and sought-after? Here are just five of the reasons why it’s worth considering seeking diamond wire sawing for your project. 
Cuts through almost any material 
Diamond wire sawing can be used to cut through almost any material that is softer than diamond itself. This can include almost any material such as stone, masonry, enforced concrete and steel. The sheer strength of diamond wire sawing makes it a common choice for controlled demolition services, such as the safe and quick removal of concrete structures. 
Precise technique 
In addition to being powerful, diamond wire sawing is a precise cutting technique. It is particularly useful for situations where it is necessary to isolate and cut through thick, reinforced sections of material or shapes, which would be particularly awkward for more traditional cutting techniques. For this reason, wire saws are great for cutting through large sections of reinforced concrete like bridge sections, jetties, columns or beams. 
Works in tight spaces 
As the section can be reached with a wire, diamond wire sawing is a highly flexible process, making it ideal for use in areas where there is restricted access for more traditional cutting techniques, such as bridge decks. The flexibility of wire saws means that there are very few to zero restrictions on the depth or speed of the cut that they can perform – and they’re fast too. 
Can be performed underwater 
Often there are scenarios in which cutting is required in environments that are submerged underwater. Handily, diamond wire sawing works just as well underwater as it does above ground. That makes wire sawing an extremely useful technique for businesses such as water companies, who may need to cut through concrete or steel pipes for maintenance work. 
Boasts the other benefits of diamond cutting 
Diamond wire sawing shares many benefits with other techniques using diamonds such as diamond drilling. These include the fact that it is dust-free, producing fewer wasted materials compared to conventional solid blades, and also that it produces little to no noise at all so there is no risk of hearing damage or disruption to people working nearby. 
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As you can see diamond wire sawing is an excellent technique for many applications. Why not get in contact with us here at Diamond Drilling UK today to see how our diamond wire sawing can help you? Just get in contact with us today and we’d be delighted to discuss with you further. 
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