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Diamond wall chasing is a precision method of cutting out a channel in different types of material. There are multiple times and uses for diamond wall chasing, where other methods of cutting just won’t be suitable. 
There are plenty of occasions where a straight and accurate channel will need to be cut into a wall – this could be to fit pipes or electrical work. It could be to gain access to a particular area. In other cases it could be to make a repair in masonry. Most commonly, wall chasing will be used to bury wiring or piping into plasterwork to provide a neat, tidy and invisible finish. 
By using diamond saws, you can cut deep, accurate channels into a wide range of materials – bricks, breeze blocks, concrete, metal, marble, glass and a wide range of others. The depth of the channel depends on the saw and blade size. 
Benefits of diamond wall chasing 
Here are a few of the obvious benefits of diamond wall chasing, giving you a few clear reasons that could help your decision making… 
It’s dust free 
The tools and saws used for diamond wall chasing have a built in dust extraction unit, so the excessive dust is dealt with as the chasing is being done. This leaves minimal additional dust, allowing it to be dealt with quickly and easily afterwards, reducing cleaning and tidying time. 
This is also particularly helpful on sites where mess is required to be kept to a minimum, such as in a residential property. 
It’s very precise… 
Diamond wall chasing is done by a hand-held device operated by a trained professional. Care is taken to be accurate and the hand-held nature of the saw means that deliberate and careful cuts to the masonry are made. 
It’s for this reason it’s the go-to method of wall chasing when extreme accuracy is required, such as around water pipes and live electrical wiring. 
There’s minimal vibration… 
Our diamond wall chasing experts use the highest quality saws with twin blades to cut our chases. There’s minimal vibration, keeping noise levels low and cuts accurately. It also means the job is done in far less time, because our twin blades means the chase is cut in one go, rather than having to make two separate cuts. 
Nobody wants to have jobs drag on longer than they should, so hiring us is the best way to get the job done quickly! 
Why you should hire Diamond Drilling UK for all of your wall chasing and channel cutting needs… 
Our bespoke service means we can take on any of your wall chasing or channel cutting jobs. We work on walls and floors constructed from a wide range of materials. With our many years in the industry we can always find a bespoke package to ensure your job is done to the highest possible standard. 
Contact us directly at so we can help you with all of your wall chasing and channel cutting needs. 
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