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Based in St. Leonards in East Sussex, at Diamond Drilling UK, we specialise in just that, having many years of concrete cutting experience. We have a range of services within this remit, catering to the increasing requirement in London and surrounding regions. We are always able to provide the relevant documentation, including detailed Method Statements and Risk Assessments. We know that with such work, health and safety are the highest priority, so we ensure that all staff are registered under the CSC Scheme. Read on to find out more about our precise services. As well as offering permanent solutions, we are also able to provide temporary support as a necessary safety measure when in the process of forming openings. 
Diamond Core Drilling 
In order to achieve the smoothest, most accurate hole when drilling through materials such as concrete or brickwork, it is necessary to use diamond core drilling. Through this method, you are able to achieve a precise hole from 12mm to 550mm in diameter without dust, debris, or vibration. Making use of portable, lightweight equipment, there risk of damage is greatly reduced, even within small spaces. Within this service, we also have the option of dry drilling, including use of rotary action, or horizontal and vertical drilling. 
Our diamond saws are also capable of cutting channels or ‘chases’ into concrete or block walls or floors. This process is used when required to conceal wires or drainpipes within the structure, typically at between 45mm wide and 35mm deep. Again, this works in the same way as the diamond core drilling, without the problems of dust or debris. 
Track Floor & Wire Sawing 
We carry out three kinds of sawing processes: wall sawing, floor sawing, and wire sawing. Wall sawing is also known as track sawing as it makes use of a track-mounted system, which is attached to a wall in order to form openings for doorways, windows or ducts. Floor sawing is often used for applications such as motorways, bridges, and pavements. It can also be used inside buildings to create openings for ventilation, lifts shafts, escalators and more. Lastly, with wire sawing, a metal wire or cable is used with a pulley system, in a way that is particularly suited to the largest applications including bridge sections, and columns. 
Another service that we offer our customers is scabbling, where a thin layer of concrete is removed from a structure using compressed air powered machines. We recommend this process to reduce screeds and levels in surfaces, as well as preparing surfaces for construction jobs, especially for painting and coating. 
Cutting & Structural Openings 
We can also often cut openings for doors and windows using a ring saw or a chain saw. Diamond-tipped teeth slice through reinforced concrete, as well as performing plunge cuts. This handheld technique is particularly useful when over-cutting needs to be well avoided, with chain saws ideal for use in older stone buildings with thick walls, and ring saws best for internal projects or restricted spaces. We also use a stitch drilling technique for structural openings in walls and floors, which range from 100mm to 2000mm in depth in either masonry or reinforced concrete. 
Contact Us 
For more information about the work we can provide, please get in touch through our web contact form, or by emailing us at You can also speak to us directly by calling the relevant number listed on our contact page, and a member of the team will be glad to assist you. 
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