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There’s an old saying… ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. It’s a saying that is attributable across all kinds of different settings, especially the construction world. 
By preparing the surface about to be worked on, you’ll make sure you have a far better chance of a successful job done. This applies to all of our services, from drilling and sewing to chasing and scabbing. 
By taking the time to prepare a surface ahead of a job, you make the process quicker, cleaner and more effective. You’ll ensure that your equipment is protected, you’ll reduce the damage to equipment and you’ll make sure that you’re left with significantly less cleaning up to do afterwards. 
Dust and debris causes long term problems 
Most jobs requiring some form of power tool will cause a disturbance of some sort. If this involves the agitation of a surface, it’s even worse. Making sure that a surface has been thoroughly cleaned and is as dirt and dust-free as possible is important, so you don’t end up making a huge mess. 
Dust in particular has a habit of staying around long after the job has been done. Whilst every effort will be taken by our team to keep a work environment as clean, tidy and dust-free as possible, the reality is they’ll be dealing with the dust they create. If the dust is pre-existing, it’s going to cause you problems for a while, and nobody wants to spend weeks cleaning dust off every surface! 
Check how the surface needs to be prepped ahead of time 
Some jobs require a surface to be very dry – others will be able to go ahead even if the surface is very wet. Your best bet is to speak to the person doing your job ahead of time so you know exactly what you need to do. In some cases, it won’t be much at all and the prep will be taken care of by the person doing the job. 
If you don’t take the time to make those checks however, you can interrupt the job, causing costly time delays and perhaps reducing the chances of a good job done. If a surface is likely to cause damage to tools, the job won’t go ahead and you’ll be left with an easily-avoided delay. 
No two jobs are the same 
We offer a wide range of services and they’ll require different levels of surface preparation, so get in touch with us ahead of time so we can discuss the needs and requirements ahead of time. We’ll outline the obligations of both sides so we’re all clear on what surface prep (if any) needs to be done ahead of time. 
This simple conversation will save both parties a lot of time and effort later on down the line when the job needs to be done! You want a great job done and we want to provide an excellent service, so it’s important we communicate clearly. 
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