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 Welcome to Diamond Drilling (UK) Ltd  

Based in East Sussex, Diamond Drilling UK Ltd offer a professional service when it comes to concrete cutting and drilling throughout the South East of England and typically in the London area. The current property industry means these services are in high demand, whether new builds or for existing properties in need of renovation. 
Our core services include diamond core drilling, chasing, track, floor and wire sawing, scrabbling, cutting openings, creating structural openings, offering temporary support, and method statements and risk assessments. Additionally, you can rest assured that our operatives are fully trained in a plethora of areas in order to provide the most comprehensive services. 
Here at Diamond Core Drilling, we also place great emphasis on health and safety. We continually review our processes and improve our standards, with staff registered under the CSCS (Construction Skills Certificate Scheme), and our company registered with CHAS (the Contractors’ Health and Safety Assessment Scheme). 

Years of experience 

We offer years of experience shaping concrete and cutting holes and conduits in solid floors and walls. Our diamond core drilling techniques are applied in order to form the roundest and smoothest holes in hard materials such as brick or concrete. Whether small holes for plumbing or wiring or larger spaces for doors and windows, this process ensures there is as little dust and debris as possible through the vibration-free technique. 
Whether you require channels in walls or floors (chasing), large amounts of materials removed through wall and floor sawing, concrete cut into a particular shape with wire sawing, or openings with temporary support systems, we are sure to have the service to meet your requirements with our range of diamond core drilling services. 


Our company provides diamond core drilling services, where we are able to work on a variety of applications. This could be creating holes in walls and floors for plumbing and electrical work, or extracting concrete cores. 
Ideal For: 
extractor fan icon
Extractor fans 
Tumble dryer icon
Tumble dryers 
Air conditioner icon
Air conditioning 
Pipework icon
Pipework for plumbing/ electrical 
We are specialists in the cutting of reinforced concrete, asphalt and tarmac, using state of the art diamond cutting equipment. We offer a range of floor sawing services 
Ideal For: 
Brickwork icon
Floor openings 
Digger icon
Trenches in concrete / asphalt 
Wheelbarrow icon
Concrete disposal 
Wrecking ball icon
Concrete demolition 
Diamond Drilling UK offer chain saws with diamond tipped teeth. This enables you to easily cut through materials such as reinforced concrete, and perform plunge cut operations. We recommend this type of saw when you need to cut straight lines with right angle corners. 
Ideal For: 
Door icon
Door installation 
Plans icon
House repairs icon
Window icon
Window installation 
Here at Diamond Drilling UK, we offer a range of services related to concrete cutting and drilling. As part of our repertoire, we provide customers with diamond wall chasing, which refers to cutting or creating a channel in concrete or block walls or flooring. 
Ideal For: 
Tools icon
Installing wiring 
Pipework icon
Installing pipework 
Tools icon
Installing conduits 
Heating icon
Underfloor heating 
Mechanical scabbling involves using machines which are similar to pneumatic drills, but with many small heads. These machines chip away the concrete evenly over the area of the block until the desired effect is realised 
Ideal For: 
Shovel icon
Surface prep 
Wheelbarrow icon
Removing damaged concrete 
Wheelbarrow icon
Removing markings 
Spirit level icon
Levelling concrete 
Diamond Drilling UK offer a full structural opening service, including lintel and steel insertion. We can handle the job from beginning to end. 
Ideal For: 
Tools icon
Lintel insertion 
Brickwork icon
Openings in load bearing walls 
Steel lintel icon
Steel insertion 
Plans icon
Structural alterations 
All our operatives are fully trained in the following areas: 
Checkmark icon
Forward Tipping dumper 
Checkmark icon
MEWP - boom 
Checkmark icon
MEWP - scissor 
Checkmark icon
360 excavators below and above 5 tons 
Checkmark icon
Checkmark icon
Aluminium tower scaffold 
Checkmark icon
Checkmark icon
Telescopic handler forklift 
Checkmark icon
Skid steel loaders 
Checkmark icon
Slinger and signaller 
Checkmark icon
Abrasive wheel 
Checkmark icon
Health and safety 
Map of areas covered where we drill holes
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"Brilliant work, professional staff, efficient work. Competitive prices and finished early." 
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