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Floor sawing is a technique used in construction and demolition to make precise cuts in horizontal surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and tarmac. It involves using a specialised machine called a floor saw, which is equipped with a diamond cutting disc or blade. The diamond blade, with its abrasive properties, allows for efficient cutting through hard materials like reinforced concrete. 
Floor sawing is a fundamental diamond sawing technique that employs floor saws, making it the preferred method when clean and straight cuts are essential. By utilising a machine equipped with a diamond cutting disc, we can achieve straight cuts at specified depths on flat, horizontal surfaces. Our floor sawing services excel in cutting precise trenches in concrete, tarmac, and asphalt. Whether it's on roads, concrete floors, or other construction materials, precision is our top priority. 
At Diamond Drilling UK, we employ a low-emission, diesel-powered, self-propelled mobile saw for our floor sawing operations. Capable of cutting depths up to 400mm in reinforced concrete, tarmac, and asphalt surfaces, this machine ensures efficient and effective results. Moreover, the entire process is water-controlled, enabling us to collect, process, and treat the slurry for proper disposal. 
In addition to floor sawing, we are renowned for our expertise in diamond wire sawing. This technique is employed when cutting through large blocks of material or in situations where limited space restricts the use of other cutting machines. Whatever your concrete drilling or sawing requirements may be, we are here to assist you. Contact us today to discover more about our services. 
During floor sawing, the machine is guided along the surface, creating a straight and controlled cut at the desired depth. This method is commonly employed when clean, accurate, and straight cuts are necessary, such as when creating trenches, expansion joints, or removing sections of the floor for repair or modification. 
What are the advantages of floor sawing? 
Precision: The use of diamond cutting discs ensures precise and straight cuts, making it ideal for applications where accuracy is crucial. 
Efficiency: Floor saws are designed to cut through tough materials quickly, improving efficiency and reducing project time. 
Versatility: Floor sawing can be performed on various surfaces, including concrete, tarmac, and asphalt, making it suitable for a wide range of construction and maintenance projects. 
Minimal disruption: The process produces minimal noise and vibrations, reducing disturbance to the surrounding environment and minimising the impact on nearby structures. 
Overall, floor sawing is a specialised technique that allows for controlled cutting of horizontal surfaces with precision and efficiency, making it an essential tool in construction, renovation, and demolition projects. 
A floor saw is commonly used in a variety of scenarios, including roadworks. Here are some other situations where a floor saw is typically employed: 
Roadworks: Floor saws are extensively used in road construction and maintenance projects. They are employed to cut trenches for installing utilities like water pipes, gas lines, or electrical conduits beneath the road surface. Floor saws ensure precise cuts, allowing for the proper placement of these utilities without damaging the existing infrastructure. 
Concrete and asphalt cutting: Floor saws are effective in cutting through concrete and asphalt surfaces. They are utilised for creating expansion joints to control cracking and to remove damaged sections of concrete or asphalt for repair or replacement. Floor sawing provides accurate and straight cuts, ensuring the new sections fit seamlessly with the existing structure. 
Demolition and renovation: During demolition or renovation projects, floor saws are used to cut through concrete or masonry floors. This allows for the removal of specific sections or the creation of openings for installing new features, such as staircases, elevators, or utility access points. 
Construction of joint seals: Floor saws are utilised to cut precise grooves or channels in concrete or asphalt surfaces to accommodate joint seals. Joint seals help prevent water infiltration, control expansion and contraction, and maintain the structural integrity of the surface. 
Removal of damaged sections: In instances where concrete or asphalt surfaces have sustained damage, such as cracks or potholes, floor sawing is employed to remove the affected areas. This facilitates the replacement or repair of the damaged sections, ensuring a safe and smooth surface. 
Floor saws are commonly used in roadworks, as well as various construction, maintenance, demolition, and renovation projects. They provide the ability to make accurate, straight cuts in concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces, enabling the creation of trenches, the removal of damaged sections, and the installation of utilities or new features. 
Why choose Diamond Drilling UK? 
Specialisation: Diamond Drilling UK specialises in diamond drilling and cutting services, including floor sawing. By choosing a company that focuses on this specific area, you can expect a higher level of expertise and proficiency in floor sawing techniques. 
State-of-the-art equipment: Diamond Drilling UK utilises state-of-the-art diamond cutting equipment for floor sawing. This equipment is designed to provide precise cuts, efficient performance, and optimal results. The use of advanced machinery ensures that the floor sawing process is carried out effectively and meets your project requirements. 
Experience and knowledge: With Diamond Drilling's experience in the industry, their team is well-versed in the intricacies of floor sawing. They have likely encountered various challenges and have developed effective solutions for different situations. Their expertise allows them to provide accurate assessments, recommend the most suitable approaches, and deliver high-quality results. 
Precision and accuracy: Floor sawing requires precision and accuracy to achieve clean and straight cuts. Diamond Drilling's specialisation and experience in this field ensure that their professionals are skilled in operating the equipment and achieving the desired outcomes. This attention to detail guarantees that the floor sawing work will be executed with precision and accuracy. 
Safety and efficiency: Diamond Drilling prioritises safety and efficiency in their operations. They adhere to industry standards and employ best practices to ensure the safety of their workers, the surrounding environment, and the successful completion of your project. Their efficient processes and experienced personnel help minimise disruptions and complete the floor sawing work within the agreed-upon timeframe. 
Comprehensive services: In addition to floor sawing, Diamond Drilling UK offers a range of other diamond drilling and cutting services. This means that we can provide a comprehensive solution for your drilling and cutting needs. Whether it's floor sawing, diamond wire sawing, or other specialised services, you can rely on our expertise to handle different aspects of your project. 
By choosing Diamond Drilling UK for floor sawing, you can benefit from our specialisation, advanced equipment, experience, precision, safety measures, and comprehensive services. Our focus on delivering high-quality results makes us a reliable choice for your floor sawing requirements. Contact us or check out all our concrete cutting, sawing, chasing and drilling services here.  
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