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Before we begin, what exactly is diamond core drilling? 
Diamond core drilling is a form of core drilling that uses a rotary drill with a diamond bit attached. With diamond being the hardest naturally occurring material in the world, the diamond section of the drill allows the user to make very precisely measured holes into virtually any material. 
What is diamond core drilling used for? 
A diamond core drill is a precision instrument that creates clean, accurate holes of between 8mm to more than 1500mm in diameter. It can create these precise holes in a whole range of materials including concrete, metal and glass. Whilst typically concrete is the material diamond core drills are most commonly used for, it has the potential to drill successfully into virtually any material. 
Because the use of a diamond core drill is a non-percussive technique of drilling, structural integrity is maintained whilst the drilling is in process. This makes the diamond core drill a highly useful piece of equipment which is why it is used in a whole range of projects both big and small in scale. Both simple building projects and intricate civil engineering assignments equally benefit from diamond cored drilling. 
Typically, whilst the diamond core drill is in operation, water is run through the driving shaft to ensure that the work space remains free of dust. However, dry diamond core drilling can be performed in certain situations. Dry core drilling is typically used for drilling into general housing materials such as soft stone, sandstone, brick and block. This type of drilling is designed only for rotary action without any additional percussive action. 
To summarise, what are the main features of a diamond core drill? 
Very strong 
Very precise 
Adaptable for a range of projects 
Non-percussive technique of drilling 
Equipment is lightweight and portable 
Suitable for use in difficult areas (even underwater) 
Creates no dust and little debris 
Cost efficient 
Where can I find diamond drilling in London? 
As one of the most reputable diamond core drilling companies, at Diamond Drilling UK Ltd we offer one of the most reliable and sought-after diamond core drilling services. We are proud to have a team that produce outstanding work, guaranteed to create results that you are entirely satisfied with. For more information on diamond core drilling and how we can help you, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today. 
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